BUNDjugend Nordrhein-Westfalen  



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The climate crisis is a direct result of colonialism and its ideology. Nevertheless, the climate movement is white dominated and in largely very racist. Perspectives of BIPoCs or people from already affected areas are not considered or do not find a place in such movements. We have had enough of that!

We as BIPoCs therefore create a BIPoC only space in Jugencamp Haard, where we can formulate our own points of view, narratives and opinions for four days undisturbed, without having to negotiate them with white perspectives beforehand. In this space it is all about US. We want to address why the climate crisis is a consequence of colonialism and make our voices heard. We want to hear the urgency of change by people who are most affected by the climate catastrophe. We also want to think, paint, formulate and live actual climate justice.

We want to bring BIPoCs from different movements and currents together to share our expertise and experiences. Come abundantly to fill this space with our culture.

Participate in order to:

  • exchange ideas with other BIPoCs
  • participate in workshops and discussions
  • network in a political way
  • to heal
  • listen to music & make your own
  • to barbecue
  • dance
  • figure out together how to get out of the white supremacist climate crisis….

More content on the climate conference will be announced in the coming days. Do you have ideas or suggestions for workshops or group activities? Then get in touch with us!

BIPOC Klima Konferenz 2022 Englisch

  • We need your number for emergency cases
    Do you have full protection from Covid from vaccination or are you recovered? This information helps us to better organise for best safety.
    If you can't/ don't want to pay for your travels yourself, travel expenses (train/bus, 2nd class) can be refunded after the conference if you hand in your ticket.
  • i.e. allergies, sleeping, accessibility, child care...
    Participants who attend all four days will be given preference