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BI*PoC Climate Festival 2022 english


Deadline extended – 26.08.2022

Jugendcamp Haard | 4 days | Climate crisis- What does it have to do with me?

Anmeldung zum Klimafestival auf Deutsch hier

Climate crisis – what does it have to do with me?

This is the motto of the first BI*PoC only Climate Festival 2022! In these four days we want to focus only on us and deal with us, our movements, needs and desires.

No matter if you are or were already super active in the climate movement, or if you have no relation to the climate issue at all: You’ve come to the right place.
Because we want to learn from and with each other. This is only possible together.

So if you feel like sharing your skills or knowledge, or just being entertained, you can do that here.

The Climate Festival has four main topics:

Selfcare & Empower II Self-organization II Self-reflection II Climate Justice

There will be different formats for these main topics and you will have the chance to deal with all topics equally.

Accommodation & lodging:
You have the choice! You are welcome to sleep in one of the shared cabins. Or you can bring your own tent or even come in a caravan. Everything is possible. Enough sleeping places, a green lawn and parking facilities are available! There will be FINTA* only cabins and on-site opportunities to secure additional cabins. One cabin is barrier free accessible.


We will be self-catering. There will be delicious vegan cuisine for everyone. We will also have a barbecue together. Those who like can join one of the cooking teams. We are happy to take allergies and intolerances into consideration!

For four days there will be a relaxed but exciting program. With delicious food, great workshops, theater, dance, art, and much more. You can still be part of the design or offer your own format. Just send us an email to: Aie.alkhaiat@bundjugend-nrw.de
We welcome intersectional proposals.
Are you curious? Here you can find a rough program outline


The Climate Festival is intended to be a safer space. Nevertheless, violations or the reproduction of offensive content can occur anywhere and at any time. In order to catch this and to protect everyone as much as possible, there will be an awareness team. We are still looking for people who want to help.

We would like to bring together BI*PoCs from different movements and currents. We are looking forward to registrations from Sint*izza and Rom*nja, from people with refugee experience, from Black movements, Muslim or jewish people and people with disabilities. We are happy to take your wishes and perspectives and integrate them into the planning.

The whole Festival is children & family friendly and we are happy about your participation.

Participate in order to:

  • exchange ideas with other BI*PoCs
  • participate in workshops and discussions
  • network
  • to heal
  • listen to & make your own music
  • to barbecue
  • dance
  • to reflect yourself
  • figure out together how to get out of the white supremacist climate crisis….

More content on the climate festival will be announced in the coming days. Do you have ideas or suggestions for workshops or group activities? Then get in touch with us!

BI*POC Klima Festival2022 Englisch

  • We need your number for emergency cases
  • Black, Indigenous, Person of Color, Sinti, Roma, affected by classism, affected by anti-Semitism, refugee, etc.
    Do you have full protection from Covid from vaccination or are you recovered? This information helps us to better organise for best safety.
  • name and age of child, special wishes or conditions
    If you can't/ don't want to pay for your travels yourself, travel expenses (train/bus, 2nd class) can be refunded after the festival if you hand in your ticket.
  • i.e. allergies, sleeping, accessibility, child care...
    Participants who attend all four days will be given preference