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English Version PERSP:ACTIVE Festival 2022


The PERSP:ACTIVE FESTIVAL will take place on Saturday, 1st of October 2022, at the Schauspielhaus Dortmund (Hiltropwall 15, 44137 Dortmund). The theater is known for creativity and diversity.

The BUNDjugend NRW organizes in cooperation with the Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists Ruhr District (VKII) the Persp:Active Festival for the third time.
The topic deals with the question: „Climate and colonialism – What does that have to do with me?

“ when i say i´m a climate activists i mean that i am a fighter for the planet and a better future for everyone!“

Vanessa Nakate (1996- now)

Families are welcome! During the event we offer childcare!



Our wonderful panel guests:

Lakshmi Thevasagayam

Lakshmi is a medical doctor and is involved in health and climate activism with an intersectional, anti-capitalist perspective. Among other things, she is active in the initiative „Lützerath lebt“, with a focus on anti-colonialism and anti-racism in the climate movement.

Climate justice has become a catch phrase for me. If we take the fighting concept of climate justice seriously, we must first and foremost overcome capitalism and white supremacy. There is no climate justice without social justice, climate justice can only be achieved if we fight all forms of oppression in our society with the same seriousness.“

Lakshmi Thevasagayam


Saadya has been working as an industrial engineer for environment and sustainability in sustainable development contexts for 10 years. She is full of curiosity, working in different sectors and solution-oriented projects. These included, for example, communication on energy and transport transition, energy efficiency and management in industry, engagement with the German sustainability strategy as a driver for the Agenda 2030 goals.

Currently, she is concerned with colonial continuities that are often found in European sustainability debates.

„Climate justice to me means finally recognizing entanglements of various oppressive mechanisms, including by the main polluters. Taking responsibility should stand for listening in a less self-centered way, for promises to be followed by actions, and for dissolving previous ideas of prosperity in a more sincere way.“


These wonderful presenters will accompany you throughout the day:


Marya is currently studying in Bochum and works part-time. In her free time she is an all-round talent – she likes to dance, skate, shoot videos and draw.

„Climate justice to me means being aware of your privileges and using the resources you have at your disposal to create a better world for all 🙂 .

In short: be the change you want to see in the world.


Anna Herberholz

Anna currently goes to school and is a volunteer on the board of BUNDJugend. Her focus is on climate, colonization as well as empowerment, sustainability and anti-racism work.

Weli Matuke

Weli studies journalism and is particularly interested in the topics of music and culture. She is everywhere where creativity is expressed.

„The countries that have gained economic profit through exploitation and colonization must be held accountable. The struggle for climate justice is not the same as for Fridays for Future, climate justice also takes into account the people who are already struggling with the severe consequences of the climate crisis and not only the part of the world that will soon have to deal with the consequences of climate change. Climate justice means generational justice, giving young people back their perspectives and giving them a better future.“

Weli Matuke

We present you with up-close insights from our international activists:

Ati Gunnawi Viviam Villafana

She is an Indigenous Arhuaca political scientist and advocacy coordinator for Climalab. She is linked to the Cabildo Arhuaco Magdalena-Guajira and belongs to the coordinating team of the youth platform for climate action in Latin America and the Caribbean Unite for Climate Action (U4CA).

Mitzi Jonelle Tan (Asien | Philippinen)

Mitzi is a climate justice activist and a Youth Advocates for Climate Action in the Philippines as well as an organizer for the FFF international (Fridays For Future).

„Climate justice means building a world where no one is left behind – a world where everyone feels safe, especially the most marginalized. Climate justice is dismantling all systems of oppression and injustice. Climate justice is social justice.

Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Hamira Kobusingye (Afrika | Uganda)

Hamira Kobusingye is a climate Justice activist from Uganda.

“Climate Justice means equipping every one to be responsible in fight for climate justice and providing climate action tailor made for each community and its people. Providing promised climate finance and also availing a loss and damage facility.“

Hamira Kobusingye


Workshop: Self-organization for BIPoC (only) Afternoon

The workshop is only for BIPOC or only for people who experience racism.

„The global North, which stands above the countries of the global South, is characterized by structural racism. People from the Global South struggle with these consequences. For Black, Indigenous, and people of color in particular, it takes a safer space. Self-organizing means BIPoC creating protected spaces to share, help, and support each other in a structurally racist society.“

In this workshop we will explore the issues of self-organization for BIPOCS.

Workshop: How to be an Ally? White Allyship in the Context of Organizing

„What can white allyship look like in organizing“?

We will deal with this question in the workshop led by Selma Lampart.

The workshop is aimed at white people.

Selma Lampart

Selma (no pronouns) is a white* activist, curator and artist who engages practically and theoretically with critical whiteness and postcolonial theories. Especially in representation and habits of seeing as well as in power and social systems and organizations.

„We are so far away from climate justice that it is hard for me to have concrete ideas. But the path to greater climate justice must be intersectional and the white West must finally listen and learn and take responsibility. „

Selma Lampart

Workshop: Biography workshop for BIPoC (only) Afternoon.

The workshop is only for BIPOC or only for people who experience racism.

Our biography defines our history and consciously shapes our identity and everyday life. In this workshop, we will explore the question, „What does your biography have to do with migration & flight? What does climate have to do in this context?“

In this workshop we will explore the issues of biography work for BIPOCS.


Looking forward to a reading from….

Zade Abdullah

(she/-) is an intersectional social justice activist working on decolonial
contexts in gender, climate, and border regimes.

„Climate justice for me means liberation from oppressive conditions such as capitalism, patriarchy, and the colonial-racial order of the world. It means the critical opening to old and new knowledge, which breaks through the current destructive norms and can create a respectful relationship between all living things.“

Zade Abdullah


Look forward to Spoken Words by….

Inga Thao My Bui 

Inga Thao My Bui is a climate activist and poet. She has been involved in climate justice with Students for Future for three years and was runner-up in the Rhineland-Palatinate Poetry Slam 2021. When she is demonstrating in the streets or on stage, she studies Education – Sustainability – Transformation (M.A.) at the HNE Eberswalde.

„Climate justice to me means finally taking responsibility here for what we destroyed decades ago and are still doing.“

Inga Thao My Bui

Ethel Papillon

Ethel is 17 years old and a vegan. She is active in many areas besides school and is interested in activism. Her spoken word topics are racism as well as classism and sexism. With her passion for writing, Ethel is able to process her experiences and points of contact. For Ethel, there are no clear rules for writing – Whether on a book or as a cell phone note, Spoken Word just flows out for her!

„For me, climate justice means taking intersectional and, above all, anti-colonial action against the impending climate catastrophe!“

Ethel Papillon


Kantom (23) posts on Instagram & TikTok about veganism, anti-racism, mental health, and food spots. She also uses her pages to express herself creatively in the form of poems & poetry slams.

„Climate justice to me means looking at & addressing the climate crisis globally & intersectionally.“


Look forward to live music from…

Gîn Bali

Gîn Bali is a guitarist, music educator, promoter, DJ and producer. Born and raised in Bonn, Germany, she majored in classical guitar and minored in voice.

Her sounds are mainly influenced by her classical
education as well as her connection to RnB, HipHop and Rock music.

Zainab Lax

Zainab Lax is a music therapist and multi-instrumentalist specializing in music as empowerment for people with refugee experience. She has been playing the harp since the age of seven, but is also at home in Eastern music styles. Her inspiring loop- performances are mainly characterized by improvisation and invite to dream, but also to groove.

„Climate justice for me means thinking globally and standing up more actively against injustice. Many people outside of Europe, especially those who are not white, have long suffered from the selfishness of many. We need to finally put the Eurocentric perspective in the past and make the voices of those who are already acutely affected by climate change heard!“

Zainab Lax

Joël Nguele

Joël is a passionate singer and songwriter.

His published songs have a fine and calm sound with deep content.


In order to make it possible for all people to participate, regardless of their financial possibilities, there is a solidarity-based price scale according to self-assessment between 0 and €25.

Please select the desired amount when you register.

There will be vegan food and drinks in organic quality.
Childcare will be offered on demand. When registering, please indicate the age of the child/children under remarks and a mobile phone number for inquiries.


By public transport:

From Dortmund Hauptbahnhof, take one of the following subway lines: U41 (Hörde), U45 (Westfalenhallen), U47 (Aplerbeck) or U49 (Hacheney). Get off at the „Stadtgarten“ stop (2 stops). There, follow the signs to „Stadttheater“ and cross Hansastraße, passing the opera house. After about 50 meters you will reach the entrance of the Schauspielhaus, through which you will also reach the Studio Stage. You will find the Junge Oper a few steps further on.

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Before starting the event, it is important that you get tested beforehand. This measure is important for the safety of all participants.


PERSP:ACTIVE Festival 2022

    Die Abfrage dient als Orientierung für unsere Programmgestaltung. Lasse uns bei dem Feld "Anderes" wissen, ob du an mehreren Veranstaltungen teilnehmen möchtest.The query serves as an orientation for our program design. Please let us know in the field "Other" if you would like to participate in more than one program.
    Du kannst an nur einem Workshop teilnehmen. Die Workshops werden Nachmittags sein und eine Zeitdauer von 3 Stunden haben. You can participate in only one workshop. The workshops will be in the afternoon and have a duration of 3 hours.
    Es gelten die 3G Regelungen. Wir bitten um eine Testung vor Antritt der Veranstaltung. Es gelten in den Räumlichkeiten keine Maskenpflicht. 3G regulations apply. We ask for a test before the start of the event. No masks are required on the premises.
    Wir fragen das Geschlecht aus statistischen Gründen ab | We ask this question for our statistics
    Das PERSP:ACTIVE Festival richtet sich vor allem an Menschen, die Rassismus erfahren (Black, Indigenous & People of Color / BIPOC). Wir haben einen großen Teil der Plätze für Schwarze Menschen und einen weiteren Teil für Indigenous & People of Color reserviert. Weiße Personen können sich ebenfalls anmelden. Above all, the PERSP:ACTIVE Festival is for people affected by racism (Black, Indigenous & People of Color / BIPOC). We have reserved tickets for BIPOC. White people can also register.
    Wir würden mit dir telefonisch nochmal die Bedarfe und die Gegebenheiten im Schauspiel Dortmund absprechen.
  • Name und Alter des Kindes / der Kinder, besondere Wünsche, ... | Name and age of child(ren), special wishes, ... Wir bemühen uns um eine Kinderbetreuung zu ermöglichen, können aber noch nichts garantieren. We give our best to organize childcare, yet we can not guarantee anything yet
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  • Um allen Menschen unabhängig von ihren finanziellen Möglichkeiten eine Teilnahme zu ermöglichen, gibt es eine solidarische Preisstaffelung nach Selbsteinschätzung. Bitte den gewünschten Betrag auswählen. To enable everyone to participate, you can decide how much you can and want to contribute. Please choose:
    Die Fahrtkosten (Bahn/Bus, 2. Klasse in NRW) von asylsuchenden, geflüchteten und illegalisierten Menschen und von Menschen in anderen prekären Lebenslagen können dank einer Förderung nachträglich erstattet werden. | Thanks to some fundig we can refund the travel expenses (bus/train, 2. class in NRW) of asylum-seeking, displaced and illegalized persons and of persons in other difficult life situations.
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The event is barrier-free. We reserve the right to exclude people who express or behave in a racist, anti-Semitic, sexist or otherwise misanthropic manner.