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Overview of the different topics

Legofigur auf dem Fahrrad mit Arbeitskoffer in der Hand.

Plastic in our heads – our everyday consumption

Fisch mit Luftblasen

Everything has an end, only plastic doesn’t take one – how the environment is affected

Sonne, Regen und Gewitterwolken

Plastic traces…how plastic heats up the climate

Duration of the implementation

The educational activities last 90 minutes. However, they can be supplemented by other methods and thus be transformed into a project day.

Target group

The educational offers have been created for the lower secondary level.


You can download the educational materials from the page below. You can also order the posters from us.

Financial compensation

You will receive a fee of 100 euros for the implementation of a 90-minute educational offer.

Great posters to order and admire

Plastic traces… Environment and climate

Ausschnitt aus dem Wimmelbild Plastikspuren

Microplastics – here, there & everywhere

Ausschnitt aus dem Wimmelbild Mikroplastik

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Legofigur auf dem Fahrrad mit einem Arbeitskoffer in der Hand.

Method description

Description: Plastic in our heads – our daily consumption

Plastics are omnipresent in our everyday lives. They are part of packaging materials, are in our clothes, our consumer electronics, our food etc. It is hard to imagine life without plastic. With the educational offer we want to look at how this interconnected chain works via raw material extraction, product production, packaging, sale, use and disposal. Then we will find out why plastic plays such a big role in this cycle and what position we ourselves take in the economic chaos. In addition to interesting facts and interactive methods, the educational offer encourages us to think about our own behaviour and to realise that our everyday routines are not quite as insignificant as we might have always thought.

Fisch mit Luftblasen.

Method description

Description: Everything has an end, only plastic doesn’t take one – how the environment is affected

Over the course of time, man has had an ever worsening impact on the environment through modernisation and all its innovations. Rivers, lakes and oceans are becoming more and more polluted due to oil production and waste water from factories. While attempts are being made to get a grip on plastic waste, the number of plastic packaging and new consumer products is constantly increasing. The extent to which we are harming the environment is only just being explored and is unknown to many. People often only talk about the pollution of the oceans. But the fact that plastic is also in the soil, in other bodies of water and even in the air is hardly an issue. The educational offer raises awareness of the daily impact on our nature and shows possibilities of what we can all do to protect our environment a little.