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Werde Plastik Aktivist*in

Teachers (EN)

Make a stand against plastic and learn about alternatives.

Overview of the different topics

Legofigur auf dem Fahrrad mit einem Arbeitskoffer in der Hand.

Plastic in our heads – our everyday consumption

Fisch und Luftblasen.

Everything has an end, only plastic doesn’t take one – how the environment is affected.

Sonne, Regen und Gewitterwolken.

Plastic traces…how plastic heats up the climate

Implementation of the educational offers

Materials for your own implementation

All materials and method descriptions are available for download on the multipliers‘ page. Look at the materials at your leisure. You can also participate in workshops to get to know the educational offers better. Check out our dates for that.

Implementation by environmental advisors and multipliers

The project „Become a plastic activist“ cooperates with the NRW consumer advice centre. The Verbraucherzentrale NRW has trained environmental advisors who offer educational programmes at schools. We also train multipliers to carry out our educational offers for them.

Costs for the implementation

Free of charge by environmental advisors of the NRW consumer advice centre (subsidised quota). If the quota is exhausted, 100 € for implementation by BUNDjugend NRW e.V. multipliers.

Contact with environmental advisors and multipliers

Write an email to plastik@bundjugend-nrw.de for your request.

Cooperation partner

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