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Werde Plastik Aktivist*in

Workshops (EN)

Be part of a network of people who no longer want to watch, but want to act


Your way out of the throwaway society (Online): 23.02. – 01.03.2022

Your way out of the plastic crisis: 20.06. – 23.06.2022

Planning actions, inspiring others – from theory to practice! 24.08. -26.08.2022

Environmental education method case: 12.09. – 16.09.2022

Media in environmental education – Escape Game, Actionbound, Apps and Co: 14.11. – 18.11.2022

Regular dates

Plastic Activist Exchange

Plastic Free Hour – Online Lectures

You want to bring workshops to your club, company or organisation?

Then see which workshop fits best.

Sufficiency Workshops

Interactive online workshops for 10 – 20 participants

Duration: 90 minutes

Prerequisite for participation: PC/laptop with camera+micro (no smartphone)

Topics: Giving value to things together

Map of the sufficiency life

Where to put the rubbish?

Ways out of the throwaway mentality