BUNDjugend Nordrhein-Westfalen  

MaStaMo Skillshare Camp 2023

Datum: 07.06.2023 - 11.06.2023, Building-up starts already from Monday.
Ort: Lernbauernhof Schulte-Tigges, Dortmund
Adresse: Kümper Heide 21, 44329 Dortmund
Zielgruppe: Kernzielgruppe 14-27 Jahre
Preis: 4-12€ pro Tag (Spendenempfehlung) EUR

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Stands for Machen Statt Motzen!
A motto that makes the self-organized skillshare camp possible, which we will hold again this year from 07 – 11 June on the Lernbauernhof Schulte-Tigges in Dortmund! We will spend the night on a tent meadow and have the pleasure to animate the farm with our ideas 🙂

Are you up for exciting workshops?
Do you want to think about how living together can be shaped?
Do you want to think together about a sustainable world and generate ideas, try them out and exchange them?
Do you want to learn new skills or share and pass on your own?
Or do you simply want to spend evenings together around the campfire?

The MaStaMo camp is a self-organized skillshare camp. At our skillshare Camp we want to create a place where we can learn from and with each other, share our skills, set up a camp in a self-organized way, and network in order to better face the challenges of our world together. For this purpose we will have a plenary session every morning, where we will organize ourselves.

For a few days we will invent our common life together and rethink social structures. MaStaMo stands for solidarity, inspiring and constructive exchange, mindful interaction with ourselves and the world, the desire to learn, liveliness, enthusiasm and responsibility in order to test a sustainable society.
Together we create a colorful program in which you can also offer a workshop. We have already invited speakers for workshops that have already been scheduled. Whether sewing workshop, wild herbs workshop, non-violent communication, dance, theater, circus, discrimination sensitivity … really everything is possible! You don’t have to be an expert, it’s about sharing enthusiasm and experience!

We are aware that a discrimination-free place is an absolute utopia according to everyday social realities. This also applies to the MaStaMo camps, where we want to deal with this reality as responsibly as possible. That’s why we are concerned with dealing with different forms of discrimination, and workshops will be offered as well as empowerment workshops.

Children are also welcome!

If you have any questions or if you want to participate in the planning, please contact us at mastamo@bundjunged-nrw.de.

Here you can see some impressions from the last camps:


Note: Since we are already in the middle of the camp we cannot check registrations regularly anymore and may not react to your information (e.g. food intolerances). Please refer to the info point on the camp so such infos find their safe way.